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About Us

AGGA163.jpgThe Australian Window Association (AWA) together with the Australian Glass and Glazing  Association (AGGA) has great pleasure in inviting you to attend their joint conference, AUSFENE2011 to be held from 21 to 23 September at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast.

The Australian Window Association (AWA) is made up of over 460 window manufacturers and industry suppliers throughout Australia. The AWA aims to promote and advance the awareness of windows as a major architectural component in building design, and establish and self-regulate minimum benchmark standards throughout Australia.

The Australian Window Association’s mission is to create the conditions for a profitable, innovative, and highly skilled Australian window industry. Their objective is to provide services to its members that improve their businesses and that help them to deliver quality products to their customers.

The combined resources of AWA and AGGA will provide an excellent program which will include educational as well as practical sessions. A key part of the conference will be the trade exhibition which gives delegates an opportunity to interact with key industry suppliers and manufacturers.

To ensure that you are kept informed of the latest local and international trends and developments,  and to keep abreast of current industry standards, do not miss out on AUSFENEX 2011.

Sponsors and exhibitors of this combined conference and trade exhibition will be provided the opportunity to reach expansive markets and gain exposure to a far wider range of audience than the traditional stand alone AWA or AGGA events. This presents your organisation with a great opportunity to meet the leaders and operators within our industry, influence the key decision makers, boost your 2011-12 sales margins and align your organisation with the glass, window and glazing event of 2011.

AUSFENEX 2011 provides not only great marketing opportunities, but reduces your sales and marketing  budgets by bringing the entire industry under the one roof.

Fast Facts:

  • 21 – 23 September 2011
  • Delegates: 600+ key decision makers and influences from across the fenestration supply chain
  • Venue: Jupiters Hotel and Casino, Gold Coast
  • Trade exhibition: 60+ exhibitors, innovative technologies, new services and product range

Office Fitouts Melbourne Choices

Office Fitouts Melbourne Choices

The influence an office fit-out can have on a workspace is far-reaching. In fact, studies reveal that workers remain productive, attentive, and well-oiled when their office both looks and feels good. What’s more, it lets potential and current clients know that operations run smoothly and are adequately tended to. Of course, office fit-outs keep your workplace structurally sound as well. For these reasons, consulting an Office Fit outs Melbourne Kontract is crucial. Don’t fret, for there are multiple companies to choose from. Here’s a brief synopsis of some office fit-outs in Melbourne:

Kontract: Office Fitout Melbourne
Office fitouts Melbourne at Kontract has an impressive history in the industry with esteemed merit to boot. Their eminence in interior design is both renowned and praiseworthy, earning them numerous accolades and rosy reviews. Their diligence and proficiency shine through in each project, ensuring that nothing short of excellence is achieved. Here’s a breakdown of their company information:

  • Project management
  • Joinery
  • Furnishings
  • Fixture sourcing
  • Site audits
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Refurbishment

Kanopy: Melbourne
Canopy is committed to giving your workplace a noticeable edge. An edge so palpable it’ll arouse inspiration and invoke excitement. Their team transcends creative norms so your organization can reap the benefits of world-class design. Elevate your brand with Canopy’s modern design initiatives and solution-driven planning process. Here’s a breakdown of their company information:


  • Project management
  • Furnishings
  • Boardroom fit-outs
  • Reception fit-outs
  • Electrical
  • Repairs

Progression: Melbourne
Progressive thrives at the intersection of custom design, expert craftsmanship, and astute planning. As an attempt to rejuvenate your office, their team institutes sound initiatives while abiding by their tried-and-true methods. With over 25 years of experience under their belts, Progressive is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to office fit-outs in Melbourne. Here’s a breakdown of their company information::

  • Modern office designs
  • Furnishings
  • Accesories
  • Workstations
  • Storage
  • Small office designs
  • Industrial office designs

Melbourne Office Fitouts Services

Office Fitouts in Melbourne Specialties

Office fit-outs are as pragmatic as they are rewarding. A suitable working environment both boosts morale and instills a sense of importance in workers. When an office is both fuctional and professional, so too are the employees. Office fitouts Melbourne by Kontract in particular, are vast, seasoned, and efficient. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your workspace or breathe new life into your business, office fit-outs are conducive to a thriving organization. The following list is comprised of some of the most prominent office fit-outs in Melbourne.
Address: 4/71 Palmerston Cres, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Contact: (03) 9682 9499
  • Designing office layout
  • Managing partitions
  • Metal stud drywalls
  • Demountable partitions
  • Architectural interiors
  • Ceilings
  • Refurbishment

Office Commercial Furniture

  • Ceilings
  • Custom joinery
  • Floor coverings
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Plasterboard partitioning
  • Painting
  • Furnishings

Office Quotes

  • Project management
  • Refurbishment
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Retail and shopfitting

Assymetry Commercial

  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Labour
  • Work stations
  • Furnishings
  • Wall coverings
  • Partitions
  • Signage

Idea Interiors: Office Fit-outs Melbourne

  • Construction
  • Furnishings
  • Project management
  • Consulting
  • Lighting
  • Design

Melbourne Fitters

  • Interior modifications
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Canopies
  • Ductwork
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering
  • Flooring
  • Commercial furniture

Retro Interiors: Office Fit-outs Melbourne

  • Interior design
  • Refurbishment
  • Project management
  • Furnishings

Pro Interiors

  • Office space fit-outs
  • Industry fit-outs
  • Design
  • Consulting
  • Project management

The Office Fitouts In Melbourne List

The Office Fitouts In Melbourne List

As superficial as it sounds, your brand’s image weighs heavily on your business. The prosperity of your company hinges entirely on its merit, and if your brand exudes negligence, outsiders are inclined to believe that the operations within are equally as haphazard. For these reasons, consulting an office fit-out in Melbourne is of paramount importance. If you’re looking to give your workspace a splash of vitality and dose of rejuvenation, the following office fit-outs in Melbourne are highly esteemed.

List Of Office Fit-outs In Melbourne 

Company: Office fitouts Melbourne at Kontract
Location: Level 4, 71 Palmerston Crescent South Melbourne VIC 3205
Number: (03) 9682 9499
Services: Design, construction, refurbishment, furnishing, upgrades, and pre-lease building evaluation.

Company: Capicollo
Services: Data cabling, ceilings, floors, partitions, project management, office alterations, office doors, and refurbishments.

Company: Retail Interiors
Services: Carpentry, partitions, furnishing, credenzas, and joinery.

Company: Lycon 
Services: Boardroom fit-outs, kitchen fit-outs, reception fit-outs, project management, construction, office partitions, and design.

Company: Assymetric Commercial
Services: Furnishings, signage, partitions, wall coverings, interior design, project management, construction, and work stations.

Company: Therapeutic Interiors
Services: Commercial interior design, project management, construction management, and furnishings.

Company:  Commercial Interiors
Services: Interior office design, project management, furnishings, refurbishment, and workplace strategy.

Company: Prolific Interiors – Office Fit-outs Melbourne
Services: Glass office partitions, project management, ceilings, doors, refurbishment, commmercial fit-outs, renovations, and finishes.

Company: Goldberg Interiors

Services: Reception fit-outs, workstations, space design, layout, furnishings, and partitions.

Company: Hamiltons Commercial Interiors
Services: Boardroom fit-outs, soundproofing, furnishings, ceilings, and partitions.

Effective Office Fitouts In Melbourne

Effective Office Fitouts Melbourne

The workplace can determine the productivity of your employees because it influences the whole environment. A poorly designed office can make it hard for people to move around, talk to their colleagues, or sit comfortably. It is why your plans for Office Fit outs Melbourne Kontract have to be well thought out. The simplest mistake like raising the roof too high or fitting office equipment in the wrong room can mess with the flow of the place. Before putting capital into designing a new office or redesigning an old one, it helps to get a few fundamentals so that a company can get the most from an office fitout Melbourne company.

Determine the Why

Embarking on an office design project without clearly defined objectives is the quickest way to waste money. Firstly, is it a redesign or new office? These two goals require different approaches because if you are redesigning, it means that office fitouts Melbourne experts will have to work with an already existing space. On the other hand, a new space is a blank slate that gives a multitude of planning options. You must also know what the fitouts intend to achieve. For example, a company may redesign the workplace because the old one did not blend with the corporate image. A fitout may be necessary to accommodate an expansion. Identify every goal in advance so that the office fitout team can incorporate them.

Efficiency of Designs

To take full advantage of what the best office fitouts Melbourne offer, prioritize the efficiency of systems and designs. Eco-friendliness has become a major concern for enterprises, and the workplace design is one area to make adjustments. The lighting fixtures, heating and cooling system, and office equipment must provide energy savings, and that means getting the best quality and ensuring optimal performance at all times. The location of vents and air conditioners, for instance, will determine how much power a company use and an office fitouts Melbourne firm must consider that.

Company Image

Some managers don’t think about this aspect until the last minute, but it is essential for the office design to match with the overall image of the brand. With a bit of creativity, office fitouts Melbourne experts can integrate the corporate culture into the workplace plan such that it becomes an extension of the enterprise. When clients walk through the office doors, they should get the same message that is in all your advertising materials.

A great workplace is one that provides a stress-free, flexible, and efficient environment that people love to be in, which you can achieve with the right office fitouts Melbourne company.

Melbourne Office Fitouts Experts

Melbourne Office Fitouts Experts

An employee gets his morale boosted which leads to increased productivity. Therefore, it is important for an employer to have the best working conditions in place to ensure operational efficiency. Renovating your office or coming up with a new one calls for office fit outs. Experienced office fit outs designers in Melbourne Kontract understand that the client requires a comfortable and convenient environment for his workers to be effective. As such, office fit outs Melbourne designers come up with the best layouts to fit different businesses depending on their theme preferences and kind of business, which might range from medical suites for open office spaces or retail oriented ones.

It is important for office fit outs Melbourne designers to come up with sketch plans that go with the brief of the client. A brief is a description the client gives regarding the kind of office fit out he needs. These sketch plans help the client to see what the designers want to implement, and as such, clients are able to make any changes where possible. In addition, office fit outs Melbourne designers also provide indicative budgets that portray the cost of the office fit out.

These budgets are not only meant for the client to make adjustments in their business plan but also to advise the client on any changes they could do to toll down the expenses or make it higher. Lastly, office fit outs Melbourne designers provide conditional reports that give details on projected tenancies if at all they will take place. These reports assists both the client and designers to come up with a reasonable time frame that they should expect the office fit out to be complete and ready to be occupied.

Experienced office fit outs Melbourne designers also advise clients on the right lighting, placing of machinery, size of the weight loading space and the market rates of the materials to be used if the client wants to buy the materials by himself.

New Office Fitouts Melbourne

New Office Fitouts Melbourne

Countless benefits are associated with new, positive, home-like office fitouts Melbourne. Even though buying new office equipment and furniture for offices is never free – it’s often quite expensive – the benefits of such are well worth the cost.

Let’s delve into several benefits of getting new office fitouts Melbourne; here’s why you should invest in new Kontract Office fitouts Melbourne

Visitors Are Almost Guaranteed To Think More Of Your Business

Organizations that don’t have attractive, clean office fitouts Melbourne have statistically been shown to perform worse than their better-looking counterparts.

Further, once visitors or business partners take a look at any poor office fitouts Melbourne, they’ll likely never forget what your company’s office once looked like. In business, first impressions really do mean everything.

Employees Do Better In Environments That Are Enjoyable To Work In

Birds of a feather flock together, as the cliché goes. Although employees are infinitely different than their workplaces – humans are human, whereas walls, floors, ceilings, and other objects are entirely inanimate – if workplaces are enjoyable to be in, productivity often boosts as a result.

Productivity is a great motivator to go through with investing in office fitouts Melbourne, if nothing else encourages you to renovate your workplace.

Simply Changing The Layout Of A Workplace Can Prove Effective

To change the layout of your company’s current floor plan, you’ll likely need to invest in at least some new equipment. You can likely change the layout by getting new desks and chairs – these two types of equipment will go a long way in changing the layout of any workplace – to achieve the goal of getting new office fitouts Melbourne.

Far too often in workplaces do things go unused. When items aren’t actively being used, or at least regularly being used, they take up space, cause clutter, and ultimately discourage employees from thinking as freely as they could in a wide-open workspace, among with several other disadvantages that can relatively easily be changed.

If You Run A Retail Business, A New Layout Can Bring In Waves Of Customers

When businesses change the layout, look, or style of their stores, consumers often visit them to see what has changed. Simply leaving one’s business’s fitout the way it is won’t being in any more potential customers than what it already brought in.

This idea rings especially true in the event of businesses being housed in malls or department stores, where they rely on passerby’s collective interest.

Excellent Melbourne Design Offices Fitouts

Excellent Office Fitouts Melbourne Designers

Getting the best out of office fit outs calls for experience and sacrifice. Look at it this way, experienced office fit outs designers bring along their professionalism, which also comes with sketch plans, indicative budgets and condition reports. Sketch plans are descriptions on what office fit outs Melbourne designers use to show the client what will be implemented on the office floor. It is at this point that the client is able to make a few changes where necessary before approving the plan.

Experienced office fitouts Melbourne designers Kontract provide several sketch plans to allow the client to choose what he feels goes well with the kind of business he does as well as the part it will play in increasing operational efficiency. Besides that, office fit outs Melbourne constructors understand the office is the second home for most workers and proving quality is the best thing that makes the office environment to increase productivity is at the top of the constructors’ list.

Office fit outs Melbourne designers should also show approvals and permits as required by law before starting the project, hence assuring the client that they are not only certified but also have the necessary experience to construct the office whether it be a medical suite or a retail-oriented space. It is expected of office fit outs Melbourne constructors to advise their clients regarding the kind of material to use, where to buy materials at a cheaper price and the current market rates for the materials.

This process not only helps to build trust between the two parties but also shows a high level of transparency and accountability from the constructors’ side. Office fit outs Melbourne designers also advise on the space required for weight loading, the right air conditioning equipment and lifts to be installed as well as the best position for fire exits. It is the mandate of the designers to ensure the client receives the best quality without compromising on the required standards of construction.